April 24, 2017

26 - CAPRICORN - XV BAPHOMET - Lord of the Gates of Matter - Child of the Forces of Time

In the god-form of: Ba`Neb`Djedu . . . . . Mantra: 
Ba`Neb`Djedu  Solve Coagula HehYodHeVav  Suhur`Mash Ha`na`el Se`ma`ke`elka`su`yo`ya Ge`de La`va`voth Mor HehYodVavHe E`lo`hem Ba`pho`met

Appearance: Taking place under the abyss: The Himalayan Mountain Goat stands on the exposed testicles of a phallic/solar tree of life. This hieroglyph could be considered a translation of Pan Pangenetor. In front of the tree stands the wand of the chief adept supporting the Egyptian winged red globe. The tree of life pierces the veil of Nuith's body, and the branches are out of perspective, the Abyss swims with the spirits of future-lives, whilst the souls of those same future-lives boil in the infinity of the solar-testicles which are also the roots of the tree of life.  Embracing the base of the phallic tree, is a grey personage in obvious worship. In the Eliphaz Levi version of this card, the Caduceus of Hermes is growing directly out of his groin, and the archetype is in the position of "as above-so below", with "solve coagula" written on his arms. This card represents the will directed outward in its purest form, one that is fueled purely by lust of result. It could be called raw-will, driven will, self-centered will, or even exposed will, will without concern for anything else, except result. Crowley called it; creative energy in its most material form. Crowley – Book of Thoth.

Baphomet represents the animal instincts. In Indian terms: Ida Nadi and Pingala Nadi. They represent the last two instincts left in mankind, these instincts are:
  • The will to survive as a person.
  • The will to survive as a species.
The hieroglyph would be an indication of the higher self, Sushmanna Nadi gaining control over his lower instincts. This condition is depicted perfectly in Eliphaz Levi's version of XV Baphomet. Crowley – Book of the Law, chapter 1, verse 42, 43 and 44, the goddess Nuith speaks:
  • 42: Let it be state of manyhood bound and loathing. So with thy all; thou hast no right but to do thy will.
  • 43: Do that, and no other shall say nay.
  • 44: For pure will, in assuaged of purpose delivered from the lust of result, is every way perfect
Interpretation: Your inner self is awakening, much like the Wand of the Chief Adept, which is rising out of the phallic nature of Baphomet. This card would indicate that it is a good time to consider listening to your inner voice. Do not give in to laziness or be seduced by the attraction of debauchery as these types of activities will drain your resources and waste your time. Laziness goes against the cycles of the Universe and will not foster the saturnine gift that we all seek. This card in a reading is going to be revealing personal information about the Querent, and depending on the situation during the reading,(such as the other people in the room) the true meaning of this card may not come out at that time. That could also depend on the relationship you have with the subject, for instance; can you speak openly about anything, without the risk of insult or injury? In the mundane, the tarot trump XV Baphomet would indicate conditions associated with the lower portions of the instincts, such as; acts of Lust or Debauchery, it would be personal for each subject, the court cards and minor arcana can shed light on these situations. Sometimes it will reveal somewhat dark information about the Querent, though for the most part, it is not a bad card. "Facing your demons" would be a one way to describe it. 

The Mysteries: The aspirant is really starting to conceive of aspects of the ineffable mystery. Worn like a beret; the Himalayan Mountain Goat shows off his Blue Morning Glory and Blue Marijuana Leaf head-dress. The psychedelic action of LSD and Marijuana have opened the third eye of the Goat, and the Mercurial Caduceus has spread its wings, this would signify the aspirant starting to put it all together, they are "getting-it". Looking closely at the polar opposite card of VII Chariot; notice that a complete transformation has taken place; the ideas inspired by the psychedelic head-dress of the Himalayan Mountain Goat have become a decorative aspect of the Chariot's armor, the Caduceus has transformed into the shield, and the souls which were brewing in the Solar testicles of the tree of Baphomet have transformed into the Cherubs of the four corners, and now pull the Chariot. The tree has been cut down and a Chariot constructed. The transformation can be assisted by this exercise: Take the two cards; VII CHARIOT and XV BAPHOMET and placing them side by side; looking at them together at about an arms-length away; slightly cross your eyes until you can see the created-third-image made up from aspects of both cards; stare at that and vibrate the above mantra; meditate, transform, and feel the love and gift of Baphomet, with the full protection and movement of the Chariot.
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Single Parenting (mostly a Dad), 
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Sexual Lust, Ambition, Persistence, Patience, Following Your Instincts, Breath, Sweat, Practicality, Sex Addiction, Integrity, Hard Work, Management, Structure, Rigidity, Materialism, Material Force, Temptation, Body Hair, Obsession, Fate, Destiny, Limitation, Debauchery, Reactionary, Transformed, Thought of Being Transformed, Arrogance, Restraint, Doubt, No Doubt, Fear, No Fear, Wildness, City Life, Fantasy, Greed, Darkness, Life in the Fast Lane, and Great Attainments.

  • Path: 26 between the beauty of Tiphareth 6 and the Splendor of Hod 8.
  • Trump: 15 - The Devil – Baphomet - Lord of the Gates of Matter - Child of the Forces of Time
  • God-Form: Ba`Neb`Djedu
  • Sumerian: SUHUR`MASH – The Goat-Fish – Capricorn
  • Human Body: Sexual Organs in an excited state.
  • Animal: Donkey or Ass, Himalayan Goat, Oysters.
  • Plant: Thistle, Indian-Hemp, Orchid Root, Yohimba, and Cannabis.
  • Assaiah: Gedi
  • Mystic #: 351
  • Buddhist Meditation: Putrid Corpse, I = Impurity = 10
  • Precious Stone: Black Diamond
  • Magickal Being: Satyrs, Fauns, and Panic Demons.
  • Magickal Weapon: A Lamp, and the Secret Force
  • Magickal Formulae: ON
  • Magickal Power: the Evil Eye, and the Witches Sabbath.
  • Drugs: THC, JWH-018, and Hashish
  • Figure: A Solid Calvary cross
  • Geomancy: Carcer
  • Geomantic: Hanael
  • Hebrew Gemetria: 70
  • Coptic: O or Ow
  • Coptic Gemetria: 70
  • English: O
  • Arabic: ain
  • Arabic Gemetria: 70
  • Greek: o
  • Greek Gemetria: 70
  • Disease: Arthritis
  • Sepher Yetziriah: Renovating I, the Renovating or Renewing Consciousness.
  • Zodiac: Capricorn (of the Earthy triad), (House of the Sun at the extreme south), Capricornus means a goat. The ass and the oyster are traditionally sacred to Priapus. An animal is sacred to Capricorn in respect of ambition, actual or symbolic. It is the leaping goat and its fondness of the high barren places that connect it to Capricorn. Sexual instinct is symbolic of the aspiration to higher things. 10th House.
  • Hebrew Letter: A`ain - The Eye, The Exalted Phallus, The Secret of generation is Death.
  • Perfumes: Musk, Civet, Asafetida, Colophon, Cubell Pepper or any of the saturnine odors.
  • Deities: Ba`Neb`Djedu, Khem, Set, Shaiton, Satan, Pan, Lingam, Yoni, Priapus, an erect Hermes, Bacchus, Paoda, Themeso, Riruphta, Epima, Monuphta, Homoth, Min, and Amsu.
  • Angels: Kashenyaiah, Samqiel, Sandali, Aloyar, Misnim, Yasasyah, and Yasgedibarodiel.
  • Magickal Images of the Deacons:
  1. A man holding in his right hand a javelin and in his left a lapwing.
  2. A man with an ape before him.
  3. A man holding a book which he opens and shuts.
  • Genies of the 12 Hours: Sezarbil, Azeph, Armilus, Kataris, Razanil, Bucaphi, and Mastho.
  • Goetic Correspondences:
  1. Berith - A gold crowned soldier in red on a red horse, with bad breath.
  2. Asteroth - Hurtful Angel or infernal Dragon, with bad breath.
  3. Forneus - a Sea Monster.
  4. Haures – Leopard
  5. Andealphas - a Noisy Peacock.
  6. Kimaris - Warrior on a Black Horse.
  • Adverse Demon (Quippilothic): DAGDAGIRON, The Bestial; "Dad-Dad-E`Ron"