January 01, 2017

KETHER: Aces: Mystical, Admirable, or Hidden Consciousness

Eh`He`Ye, Metatron, Ki`ot`ha`ko`desh, Ke`ter 
Each Ace has the highest and lowest qualities blatantly displayed. 

  • ·         The Ace of Discs reveals the blueprint for the tree revealed in the rings, and the center Disc is of unfathomable gold with the occultist’s ultimate sigil engraved upon it.
  • ·         The Ace of Wands has the most rudimentary Club of Fire, out of which come Ten Flames O the Sepiroth, and directed lightning bolts.
  • ·         The Ace of Swords: At a glance it is a basic sword all-alone, but upon close inspection it is highly detailed and personal in every way, even Crowned.
  • ·         The Ace of Cups: The most basic cup design ever, yet it is literally growing out of a Lotus Blossom, and the Serpentine Wisdom is beaming out the top like a Spot Light to Heaven.

Mysteries of Kether:
As a full understanding of Kether is unfathomable; we would ask forgiveness for any attempts to expound its mysteries. Kether: The Mystical, Admirable, or Hidden Consciousness. The most hidden of all things.  The crown is throne to the Aces of Thoth, the top-most position on the sepirothic tree of life, and is representative of all that is God.  Each individual Sepirothic place should be considered four-fold in nature; with the exception of Kether which is *forty-fold in nature. This forty-fold nature is defined by the tarot’s Minor Arcana. *forty-fold is only one method of counting Kether and does not take into consideration the other places, paths, or the court-players available in the entire sepirothic scheme. Complete consideration would be ineffable to the human mind, except in specific details.  The tarot has been left for us to examine the manifestation process from our own psychological perspective. 

Aces always stay grounded in metaphysics in consideration of the laws of numerology.  As a "1", the Ace represents the elemental root force of the suit or seed-of-an-idea.  As an "11", the ace represents the perfected manifestation or an ideal.   Each Thoth Ace should be viewed as a pair of book-ends to its individual minor arcana suit.  The Thoth Ace starts as a number-one or faceplate for the individual suit of cards; then ends as a number-eleven or rear-faceplate to your elemental suit.

Example of Metaphysics and Manifestation concerning the Aces: *(This example applies to all four suits)
·         Ace of Swords = 1 (completely in metaphysics as the seed of an idea)
·         2 of Swords, (an aspect of metaphysics as the idea), (as an aspect of manifestation within consciousness)
·         3 of Swords, (an aspect of metaphysics as a sponsored idea), (as an aspect of manifestation within consciousness)
·         4 of Swords, (as an aspect of manifestation)
·         5 of Swords,  (as an aspect of manifestation)
·         6 of Swords,  (as an aspect of manifestation)
·         7 of Swords, (as an aspect of manifestation)
·         8 of Swords, (as an aspect of manifestation)
·         9 of Swords, (as an aspect of manifestation)
·         10 of Swords, (complete manifestation)
·         Ace of Swords = 11  (completely in metaphysics as an ideal of manifestation)

The Aces are the ghosts of the tarot pack; the cards that don’t actually exist.   Both ideas and ideals will always remain grounded in metaphysics; all manifestation takes place in the realms defined by the tarot’s minor arcana in the numbers two through ten.  In most card-games Aces’ can be counted as a "1" or an "11", depending on player’s choice; in Magick it’s the same way;  player’s choice. Do what thou will shall be the whole of the law”; Happily accept your one, or choose eleven and hustle-baby-hustle.

In a Reading:
Within any Ace, is concealed every possibility of manifestation feasible within the construct of the individual elemental suit presented.  In a reading the surrounding cards will direct you to the arena of our champion and will reveal the mastery of the Querent’s bane.  The Querent has made the best out of a bad situation, weather it be a love issue, knowledge/understanding issue, or a success/failure issue.   Doing something to perfection is the Aces badge, and they will always pop up during successful endeavors or efforts, not to mention aces are an indication of new ideas.  Aces reveal potentials and even successes in individuals, and situations.  The individuals will be outlined by the surrounding court cards. Situations will be outlined by the dominant Trump and or Minor Arcana cards which were thrown, along with the already mentioned court cards.  The potentials of any situation will be outlined by the Minor Arcana cards.

The Aces are a kind of reality-sandwich, and on one hand you know it’s the best sandwich ever, but you also know that you’ll most likely never find that exact sandwich.  Its ideals and ideas only, no manifestation, all such manifestation will be defined in the surrounding cards.  And remember when an Ace shows up, it’s usually a sign that the Querent did something right, or needs to do something right.

Kether is home to the court princesses.  The sweet kisses of NU; manifesting on earth in divine-favor with innate knowledge of mother’s love and father’s will.  The princesses are for another chapter though; as their emanation from Kether is highly esoteric and will be presented each on their own terms in the upcoming chapters on the court.

Related Concepts:
The Monad or absolute unity,
in the psychology of Pythagorean Mathematics,
Brilliant-white divine light,
God as where the soul emanates resides and returns to,
The Starry Heavens or First Whirling’s, Space.
Union with God,
Knowledge & Conversation with your Holy Guardian Angel,
Hidden Consciousness. 

  •         New Orleans Voudon Gnostic: 
  •                               Earth: Olodumare
  •           Fire: Damballah La Flambeau
  •                         Air: Damballah Wedo
  •                             Water: Ayida Wedo
  • ·         Hebrew: Kether
  • ·         English: Crown
  • ·         Consciousness of the Adept: avh or Heh Vav Aleph
  • ·         God Name in Assiah: hiha  or Aleph Heh Yod Heh
  • ·         The Heavens of Assiah: Araboth (plain or “blessings all good things”)
  • ·         Assiah: Rashith ha-Gilgalim
  • ·         Rashith ha-Gilgalim translated: Sphere of Primum Mobile
  • ·         Name of the Lord: Eh`He`Ye
  • ·         Archangels of Assiah: Metatron
  • ·         Choir of Angels: Ki`ot`ha`ko`desh
  • ·         Palace: Re`shet Ha`gal`gal`em
  • ·         Force: Kether
  • ·         Angel of Assiah: Chaioth ha`Qadosh or Holy Living Creatures
  • ·         Revolutions of Adonai in Assiah: Aleph Daleth Nun Yod
  • ·         Ten Divisions of the Body of God: Skull
  • ·         Ten Earths in Seven Palaces: Aretz or dry Earth
  • ·         Ten Hells in Seven Palaces: Sheol or Grave
  • ·         Order of Qliphoth: Thaumiel (te`om`e`el), Twins of God, or Dual-Contending-Forces
  • ·         Princes of the Qliphoth: Satan & Molech
  • ·         Element: Root of Air
  • ·         Planetary Association: Neptune, (Crowley said Pluto in the Book of Thoth)
  • ·         Neptune’s Genethliac Value: The True Self (Zeitgeist), or Spiritual Environment
  • ·         Tree of Life: 1st Plane, Middle Pillar
  • ·         Mystic Number of the Sephiroth: 1
  • ·         Sepher Yetzirah: The Mystical, Admirable, or Hidden Consciousness
  • ·         Tarot Attribution: The Four Aces
  • ·         King’s Scale: Brilliance
  • ·         Queen’s Scale: White Brilliance
  • ·         Emperor’s Scale: White Brilliance
  • ·         Empress’s Scale: White-Flecked Gold
  • ·         Sepirothic Magickal Image: Ancient King seen in profile
  • ·         Sepirothic Colors of Dr. Jellinek: Concealed Light
  • ·         Selection of Egyptian Gods: Hippocrates, Amoun. Nuith (as Nuit & Hadit)
  • ·         Practical Attribution of Egyptian God: Ptah
  • ·         Perfected Man: The Disk of Ra as the Face
  • ·         Hindu Deities: Parabrahm, Shiva, Brahma (among many)
  • ·         Buddhist: Ten Fetters: Aruparga or Desire for immaterial immortality
  • ·         Forty Buddhist Meditation: Indifference; S or a Sublime State = 4
  • ·         Hindu or  Buddhist Result: Unity with Brahma, Atma`darshana
  • ·         Hindu part of the Soul: Atma
  • ·         Hindu Chakras or Prana Center: Sahasrara or above the head
  • ·         Scandinavian God: Wotan
  • ·         Greek Gods: Zeus, Icchus (Zeus is the Supreme Unity, not to be confused with the Zeus who is the son of Kronos. Iacchus is the supreme unity in man reached by ecstasy, when everything else has been winnowed away by the winnowing fan).
  • ·         Roman Gods: Jupiter as the Supreme Creator
  • ·         Christian Association: God (the three-in-one)
  • ·         Animals (Real or Imaginary): God as a Swan (as AUMNG), or a Hawk (to Kether as poised in the Ether, beholding all things)
  • ·         Swan’s Voice: AUMNG (or Amen, AUM, OM, etc.)
  • ·         Hawk’s Voice: AGLA
  • ·         Plants (Real or Imaginary): Banyan (an Almond in Flower: The Almond in flower is connected with Aaron’s rod that budded. The Almond is the proper wood for the wand of the White magician, but the attribution should really be to the middle pillar as a whole. The branches of the Banyan tree take fresh roots where they touch the ground and start new main stems: this is connected with the special idea of Kether implied in the Philosophy given in the Commentary on the Book of the Law. )
  • ·         Precious Stone: Diamond, the Diamond is white brilliance; it is pure carbon, the foundation of all living structure. The atomic weight is 12, the number of Hua, the title of Kether (but this is a reference to the Zodiac which makes the connection with Zero, on the one hand, and 2, on the other).
  • ·         Perfume: Ambergris (Ambergris has comparatively little perfume of its own, but it has a virtue of bringing out the best of any others with which it may be mixed. In the same way, Kether cannot be said to have any intrinsic qualities, but its influence brings out the highest faculties of those ideas which it illuminates).
  • ·         Vegetable Drug: Elixir Vitae (Due to its omniform virtue)
  • ·         Diseases: Death or Life
  • ·         Mineral Drug: Aur. Pot.
  • ·         Alchemical Metal: Metallic Radix
  • ·         Magickal Flashing Colors: Flashing White and Deep Black
  • ·         Magickal Altar: White Alter Cloth & Candle, Incense, Cup of Water, wrapped Lotus Wand held by white band, (or any/no wand), Dagger.
  • ·         Magickal Eucharist: Anything Natural & Heavenly
  • ·         Magickal Weapon: a Fylfot Cross, a Crown, The Lamp, or the Swastika (as a symbol of the In-breath/Out-breath of Love), *(The Crown is the meaning of Kether. It refers to the Supreme Divinity which the magician assumes in his working. The Swastika symbolize whirling energy, the initiation of all magical force—the Rashith ha-Gilgalim. There is a great deal of varied symbolism in this instrument, notably sexual; it demands a great deal of study to appreciate fully the virtue of this weapon. The Lamp is not a weapon; it is a light shining from above which illuminates the whole work).
  • ·         Magickal Formulae: For Kether it will be personal and secret for each Initiate
  • ·         Magickal Power: Union with God
  • ·         Magickal God-Form: Ptah (pronounced: pta)
  • ·         Theurgic Invoking Method: Tracing Hexagrams in Four Quarters and again in the East as the God-Form Ptah. Trace each Hexagram described below while uttering “Arareta”; trace a black point in the center while uttering “Eh`He`Ye”; Project white light with the Sign of the Enterer; give LVX signs; Proclaim “In the name of the lord Eh`He`Ye, I invoke you forces of Kether”
o   In the East trace an Eastern Form of the Hexagram (2 upward triangles, tracing from the top down to the right on both)…
o   In the South trace a Southern Form of the Hexagram (Normal Hexagram starting from the top down right, then the bottom up left)…
o   In the West trace a Western Form of the Hexagram (Triangles stacked to form a diamond starting from the top down right, then the bottom up left)…
o   In the North trace a Northern Form of the Hexagram (Triangles tip to tip, top upside down, bottom right side up; trace from the bottom triangle down right, then from the top triangle up left)….
o   Then again In the East trace a Southern Form of the Hexagram to finalize (Normal Hexagram starting from the top down right, then the bottom up left)…

  • ·         Grade Password: Silence
  • ·         Grade of the Order: 10°=18 Ipsissimus
  • ·         Masonic Lodge Officer: Past Master
  • ·         Spiritual Experience: Union with God
  • ·         In Taoism: Shang Ti (also the Tao)
  • ·         I Ching: Tao The
  • ·         Symbols: Crown, The Point or the Fylfot Cross
  • ·         Astrological Reference: All Aspects of the Starry Heavens
  • ·         Earth Location: North Pole
  • ·         Geomancy: The Point
  • ·         Heavenly Hexagram: Jupiter
  • ·         Transcendental Morality as a Virtue: Accomplishment of the Great Work or Pyrrho-Zoroastrianusm
  • ·         In Coptic: Sou or 6
  • ·         In English: St
  • ·         In Greek: 31
  • ·         Ace’s Numeric Value in a Card Game: 1 or 11
  • ·         Prime Number 11:  The General Number of Magick, Energy Tending to Change
  • ·         Angel in Birah: Yehuel
  • ·         Angels in Birah, Choirs: Seraphim
  • ·         Palaces of Birah: Hekel Qadosh Qadeshim or the Palace of the Holy of the Holies
  • ·         Revolution of the Aleph Heh Yod Heh: Aleph Heh Yod Heh
  • ·         42-fold Revolving-Name of the Palaces of Yetzirah: Aleph Kaph
  • ·         Revolution of the YodHeVavHeh in Yetzirah:  YodHeVavHeh (in 777), HehYodVavHe (aquarian-progressed)
  • ·         Saint or Adept of the Hebrews: Messias`filius David
  • ·         Angelic Function in the World of Yetzirah: Above it stood the Seraphim: Six Wings
  • ·         Spirit of the Living God: Achath Rauch Elohim Chayyim
  • ·         Egyptian 10 Plagues: Death of the First Born
  • ·         Egyptian Part of the Soul: Kha or Yekh
  • ·         Part of the Soul: Yechidah or the Self
  • ·         Elements & Quarters in Sepher Yetzirah: Daleth Vav He ` Aleph Lamed He Yod Samek ` He Yod Yod Samek
  • ·         Seven Hells of the Arabs: Hawiyah
  • ·         Hawiyah’s Inhabitants: Hypocrites
  • ·         Seven Heavens of the Arabs: Dar al`Jalai or the House of Glory made of Pearls
  • ·         The Naples Arrangement: Kether: The Point: Positive yet Indefinable
  • ·         The Vital Triad as One of the Three Gods of IAO: The Messenger
·         Common titles of Kether:
·         twcp hdqn The Small Point.
·         lz tt The Profuse Giver.
·         hnwcar hdqn The Primordial Point.
·         hdwwh acyr The White Head.
·         ma Amen.
·         alpwm rwa The Hidden Light.
·         alp The Hidden Wonder.
·         hlom wr Inscrutable Height.
·         pna yra Long of Nose.
·         ypa yra Long of Face.
·         ymwy The Ancient of Days. [Also name of seven inferiors!]
·         hyha rca hyha Existence of Existences.
·         yqytod aqyto Ancient of Ancient Ones.
·         acydq aqyto Holy Ancient One.
·         wcp rwa The Simple Light.
·         yrmd hrym Concealed of the Concealed
·         acyr The Head
·         ymynp rwa The Inner Light
·         wylo The Most High
·         awh He.
·         ald acyr The Head which is Not.

The Root Force of Earth:  

Earth Mantra: Nan-ta a-ge-la mor-de-al hec-te-gal a-do-nai ha-a-retz u-re-el por-lak ke-ruv e-retz

The Root Force of Fire:                

Fire Mantra: O-ep te-a-a pe-do-ke e-lo-hem yod he vav he tsev-a-ot me-ka-el ar-el sar-af esh

The Root Force of Air:       

Air Mantra: Eks-ar-pe e-he-ye o-ro e-bah a-oz-pe yod-he-vav-he sha-di-el-ki re-fa-el ka-san a-re-el ru-ak

The Root Force of Water:

Water Mantra: He-ko-ma – a-ge-la – m-pe-he – ar-sal – ga-e-ol el e-lo-hem tsev-a-ot gav-re-el ta-li-a-had tar-ses ma-yem


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