April 29, 2017

SATURN - XXI Universe – Great One of the Night of Time

Heh Yod Vav He Elohem Be nap sen Bror ges Tsaf ke el Ar el em Ag e el Zaz el Sha be ti An`shar

Appearance: It is our Lady Babalon from the Lust card; she is encircled in a wreath, which is made-up of the construct of the Universe. In the center of this Zodiacal wheel is a green/blue planet, with swirling waters and a white square patch. The swirling waters are the same as that in the Bible concerning creation, and the square patch is the same as Crowley's five Vs, and would be considered symbolic of the initiate's hard-work concerning the All in All.  These "five Vs" that you will find throughout Crowley's work, have more than one meaning, for this work it will represent the relic, or even footsteps of the Initiates who have gone before.  Like a trail or map; that was left especially for us. She holds a serpent which is wrapped-up in a figure of the number eight, the sign for infinity, and change. The snake's upper loop of the eight indicates the constellation of Leo, and the snake's head and Lady Babalon's feet aimed at Aquarius, which would indicate symbolic of the coming age of Aquarius/Leo. The location of the white patch sitting in Libra, the polar opposite of Aries, signifies the time-period when the All in All project started. The old-testament era, or even at the start of the fith age of man (Kali Yug). The hook's eye is near the pupil of the Eye of Horus, which is now ignited as the new Sun. The lower loop of the snake is held in place with a barbed fishhook. The barb is attached to the snake near the tribal-sun tattoo, located on the snake's skin. On the upper loop of the serpent, the stars of the Zodiac actually shine through the snake's body, and on the lower loop there is a special blue and gold ray from the Eye, and a tattoo of a new Sun. Crowley: Book of the Law, Chapter 1, verse 60; Nuith Speaks: "My number is 11, as all their numbers who are of us. The Five Pointed Star, with a Circle in the Middle, and the circle is Red. My colour is black to the blind, but the blue and gold are seen of the seeing. Also I have a secret glory for those that love me". The four Cherubim appear as an angel, an eagle, a lion and an ox, sitting at the corners of the card, indicating the four corners of the Universe. The Eye of Ra awakens, indicating that the All in All has begun. In the background one of the moons of Saturn; is receiving the gift of water and a resulting primordial soup is developing. In Crowley's Book of Thoth, he implies that this "new earth" is only supposed be visible to the pure of heart. At the lower portion of the card is the symbol of the 92 chemical elements as a framed structure. This structure represents the Universe, and the highest levels of understanding that are obtainable as a human. (Human conception is limited to the understanding of the bare-framework at best). In her hands is the serpent that conceals the Light, Love, & Earth of Saturn. Now that the new Aeon approaches, the Light is escaping the Arcanes and knowledge is awakening in all those who seek the true meaning of the Great Work. The new silence is astral vision and ears, to Know. 

Interpretation: Like the Star and the Sun; XXI Universe will illuminate a hand very clearly. The less number of cards in your pull; the more it will illuminate the answer, whereas in pulls with a lot of cards; XXI Universe will illuminate the situation and circumstance. As always, the court cards and minor Arcana in any given hand will define the role and nature of this trump. XXI Universe is a very supportive card, in direct questioning, and can be a "ray of hope" in a big-picture reading. Known as the gift giver and the light bearer, legends of Saturnalia and Santa Claus verify his status as a presenter, as well as the unverified personal gnosis, and unverified results of this author. Is there a catch? Good question, the answer is yes, but it is not as bad as you may think. The only "catch" would fall under your own personal laws of morals and duty. This is a very positive card on all levels, especially if life has been tough on you. If you have been true to yourself and others in your plight and you are the type that will "step it up" if necessary? Then expect a "gift" from the Universe. Your gift from the Universe will arrive quickly, and in an unexpected guise. For example:You need a job badly, so you seek assistance from Saturn… In the mundane world you are steadily putting in applications in your field, and in the spiritual world you are steadily asking the Universe for help… The job that you wanted never calls, instead one of the other jobs that you didn't want calls, and two other opportunities arise outside of your career field… And to top it off, each of the three opportunities over-lap each other in ways that will adversely affect other people… With XXI Universe, the gift is available, but you must first have faith that it is available, and then be willing to "rise to the occasion", to accept this gift. Anything that Saturn gives you; you have either "earned" out of severity, or "rose to the occasion" to accept. This cannot be understated enough. All the universe wants to know is; do you accept the gift?... do you love?... are you sure of both answers?... No, are you really sure?... really, really sure?... if not Saturn will be happy to teach you; try ritual magick. 

The Mysteries: Like the wise men of Bethlehem; we can follow the Morning Star straight through to Saturnalia. Is the dawn of the Aeon of Aquarius here? This is the end of the 30 year winter on Saturn, and the Hexagram that physically exists on the top of the planet; is now in the full light of our Sun.  As the hydrogen warms on the north pole of Saturn; more water is created, a gift for the new Earth, the Initiate now has the full-support of Sol, in the Great Work.  The rays of a new Sun are shining past the hidden arcanes of the Serpent, and illuminating the earth as more and more humans are discovering the "All in All". The Red Sea is warming, as foreseen by the great Philosophers and Alchemists. NASA has reported heat signatures radiating from the planet Saturn during Cassini fly-bys.   The secret in the head-dress of Sebek is tbe same as the hieroglyph above, and is symbolic of the true nature of the Great Work. The "All in All" and "Red Sea" of Basil Valentine's "12 Keys" corresponds, with the "Great Sea" in Crowley's Book of Thoth. Basil Valentine: 12 Keys: "Let him who would know what this 'All−in−All' is, give the earth great wings, and make it fly upward, through the air to the heavenly regions. Then singe its wings with fierce heat, and make it fall into the Red Sea, and there be drowned. Then dry up the water with fire and air till the earth reappears and you will have 'All−in−All'. This Trump represents the completion of the Great Work from the Aeonic perspective all the way to a personal developmental level perspective. Above we have explained the occulted aspect of the cycles of the Universe; here we are referring to the path of Initiation. Under normal circumstance it will occur over many lifetimes. This Initiation has two spheres. The first is the "Path of 0 The Fool", this is the path of normal mundane life. The other path is the path of "0 The Illuminated Fool", this is the path of Occult Initiation. (see: 0 FOOL; three paths of initiation) This type of path can be completed in one lifetime or in many lifetimes, your choice. 

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Willingness to Work, 
Willingness and Ability to Rise-to-the-Occasion in difficult to near-impossible scenarios, 
The ability to transform aspects of yourself, or your situation Magically, yet implemented and completed well-within the laws and structure of nature and society.

  • Deities: Sebek, Saturnus, Kore, Malkah, Betulah, and Persephone, Mako, Satan, Ahapshi, Nephthys, Ameshet, Demeter, Ceres Terminus, Astræa, Gaia, Athena and the Hindu: Prithivi, Saturn and Brahma.
  • Enochian Call: 6th
  • Enochian Tablet: Sigillum Dei Aemeth on the Alter, and Saturn in the East
  • Circumambulate: 3 times.
  • Hindu Result: Prithiva – Bhawana
  • Tree of Life Path: 32 between the Foundation of Yesod, and the Kingdom of Malkuth 10.
  • Trump: XXI Universe – The Great One of the Night of Time.
  • Sumerian: ANSHAR -  Formost of the Heavens.
  • Hebrew Letter: Tau: Sign of the Cross, The Slain God, Universe in the Hexagram, value: 400
  • Sepher Yetzirah: Administrative I
  • Geometry: The Hexagram
  • Day House: Capricorn
  • Night House: Aquarius
  • The Vital Triad: The Pentacle of the Whole. XXI The System
  • Triple Trinity: The Spiritual as a Relation with the non-ego, and on the Middle Pillar is The Paternal as a mode of action on the non-ego, and on the Pillar of Severity as The Intuitive Mode of Self Expression.
  • Genethliac: The Ego, Ahamkara, or Skeleton.
  • In Taoism: Khan, Kan
  • Biblical: Luke, Ephesus
  • Assiah: Aretz
  • Element: Earth.
  • Letter of the Tetragrammaton: Heh "final".
  • Secret spelling of the Tetragrammaton: Yod Vav Daleth, He Heh, Vav Vav, He Heh
  • Alchemical Medicines: Lead, Bismuth
  • Precious Stone: Onyx, and Salt.
  • Astrological: Saturn, New Earth, and the Entire Zodiac
  • Animals: Crocodile, Bull.
  • Plant: Ash, Hellebore, Ivy, Hellebore, Yew, and Nightshade.
  • Tree: Oak, Ash, Cyprus, and Elm.
  • Magickal Weapon: Pentacle, or the Bread and Salt.
  • Magickal Powers: Gift Giving, Healing, Works of Malediction and Death, Alchemy, Geomancy, Making of Pentacles, Travels on the Astral Plane.
  • Perfumes: Asafetida, Scammony, Indigo, Sulphur, All Evil Odors, Storax, all Dull and Heavy Odors.
  • Diseases: Ulterior Sclerosis, and Sluggishness.
  • Senses: Earth, Touch.
  • Bodily Attributions: Execratory, & Skeleton, Solid Structure, Tissues, and the Ego
  • Archangel: Auriel
  • Elemental Ruler: Cherub
  • Angel: Phorlakh
  • Kings of Elemental Spirit: Ghob
  • Supreme Elemental King: Thahaaothahe
  • Legendary Orders of Being: The Dweller of the Threshold, Gnomes.
  • Soul: Nepesch
  • Four Rivers: Phrath
  • Four Quarters: Tzaphon
  • Four Worlds: Assiah
  • Four Words – Secret Name: Ben
  • Sin: Envy, or Avarice
  • Hexagram Attribution: Top Most Point
  • Pentagram Attribution: Left Lower Point
  • Intelligence: Agiel
  • Spirit: Zazel
  • Olympic Spirit: Arathron
  • Metal: Lead
  • The Eightfold Path: Samma Sati and Samaditthi – Right Recollection, Right point of View.
  • Buddhist Meditation: Quiescence, R, Reflection = 10.
  • Buddhist Noble Truth: Sorrow
  • Geomancy: Triangle
  • Coptic: Taw – 300
  • English: T
  • Greek: u – 400
  • Tatwas: Prithivi – The Yellow Square
  • Five Skandhas: rupa – or corporeality
  • Demon King: Amaimon 
  • Minor Attribution: